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Whimsical Tarot Deck


Whimsical Tarot is a delightful deck that draws its inspiration and wisdom from classic fairy tales, folk tales, fables and myths, featuring full pictorial scenes suitable for children and adults.

Whimsical Tarot deck preview:

From the U.S. Games Whimsical Tarot booklet:

From the U.S. Games Whimsical Tarot booklet:

The Whimsical Tarot is precisely what its name proclaims: a whimsical look at the Tarot. Granted, this may seem like a contradiction in terms. But make no mistake. This system not only works, it is serious Tarot at its best. Here’s why...

Although the human brain is a database of sorts, it is a much more intricate system than any central processing unit money can buy. Yes, it stores data, facts, and other information. It will even sort them for you at the bat of an eye. But it does one thing that computers cannot. The brain thinks.

While this is very remarkable, indeed, the thinking process can also be to our detriment— especially when it comes to the Tarot. For one thing, working with the Tarot opens the doors to the spiritual world; a realm where conscious thought and action have little place. If we engage this process when reading cards, our personal thought patterns take over. The card messages get lost in the shuffle, and we never receive their full impact. If that’s the case, then what do we do? Can we completely bypass the thinking process? No. We can, however, take steps to slow it down. And that’s where the world of fairy tales and whimsy comes in.

Childhood stories are built of simple ideas, have simple plots, and teach simple lessons. The brain already knows this stuff, so there’s nothing to sort through or think about. That being the case, the messages arrive undisturbed. Once we package them together, we can then engage the thinking process to determine how they affect us, and come up with a solution, if need be. It’s as simple as that.
Although this system was initially designed for children and beginners, Tarot adepts will find it useful, too. It's easy-to-read style makes it the perfect spiritual tool for both meditation and daily advice.